Go Forward Education - School Support

Supporting Existing Schools

Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. helps to improve existing Christian schools by lending support to under-funded programs. We also provide educational consultation in the following areas:


Student Achievement: What are the benchmarks to which your students are aspiring? What are your expectations for them?

School Climate Assessment: A positive school climate and academic achievement are positively correlated, according to research.

Strategic Planning: Do you have a 5 year strategic plan? 10 year? For your students and school to achieve maximum results, you need a strong strategic plan that ties into your vision and mission.

Resource Development: Where are your funding sources? Are they sustainable?

Endowments: Provide security for your school by establishing an endowment, which can help to support operations for years to come.

School Start-up: Thinking about starting a private or charter school? We can help.

Curriculum Development: When was the last time your curriculum was reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of your students?

Professional Development: All teachers, staff and school personnel need to be on the cutting edge in their field of expertise. We can help develop educational leaders, and other school staff.

Character Development: Can’t talk about your faith or religion at your school? We can help you develop a character education program that is comprehensive.

Parent Workshops: Involved parents make great partners. Invest in them and reap the rewards.

Teacher Evaluation: Accountability in our schools’ teachers helps our students to be accountable. Help your good teachers become great teachers by providing the right kind of feedback and support.

Tutoring: Is tutoring available to all of your students? It should be.

School Board Training: A well trained School Board is invaluable. Are we all saying the same thing? Is your Board supportive of both the teachers and the Head of School?

Free Initial Consultation (1 hr): We will tailor your consulting to your specific needs, whatever they may be.


Call today for a FREE consultation:

215-860-7800, or contact us at info@goforwardeducation.org


Online School Support Application      Print School Support Application



The School Support Application Process

Applying for school support from Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc has never been easier.  You can choose to download, print and mail in the full application.

The other option you have is to follow the link above to fill out the online form.  The online form will get your application to us and processed in a more time efficient manner.

When filling out the online form be sure you have all the information you need and have the time to fill out the whole form.  Do not close out the window or click away from the form or your information will be lost.

Please contact us with any questions.




Establishing New Christian Schools

In addition to providing scholarships and supporting existing schools, the third phase of Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. is to help establish new Christian schools nationally and internationally. Contact us at 215-860-7800 or info@goforwardeducation.org.




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