Photo: Gail Lewis, Founder & President, Go Forward Education Foundation; Justin Dreaney, Wells Fargo Store Manager, Newtown, PA. Go Forward Education Foundation was recognized by Wells Fargo’s Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Community Connections Program. Wells Fargo proudly supports non-profits that work to strengthen our communities and address vital community needs and issues, including community development, education, human services, environmental and civic projects. Founder and President, Gail Lewis, receives $1,000.00 grant on behalf of Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. from Wells Fargo’s Store Manager, Justin Dreaney, Newtown, PA.

Our Mission

Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit Scholarship Organization established to expand quality educational choices for families by supporting Christian schools and the students they serve.  We achieve this by granting scholarships to students in grades K-12 who desire to attend a Christian school while giving preference to those residing within the boundaries of a low-performing school district.

Our Philosophy
Many in the education reform debate would side with either improving public schools or supporting parents having more choices and thereby supporting the establishment of private and/or charter schools. We firmly believe that it is not an either-or proposal. While we wait for our educational system to be reformed again and again, our children are paying the price. They need alternatives now, until which time the failures of so many of our schools are fixed. While GFEF, Inc. supports quality school reform initiatives nationally, our focus is on creating more choices for our youth locally. The point is, all children should have equal access to quality education, now, in spite of where they live!

We at GFEF, Inc. have been called to be a part of the solution that is urgently needed to level the playing field for so many of our underserved students. We have been charged with an enormous task. Thus, we need enormous resources.

Can we count on you to help support our efforts to expand the quality of educational choices for our youth? Our children will benefit…consequently, our families, businesses, and communities will benefit..indeed, our nation will benefit!

Our Services

Student Support Services

Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. supports students by making scholarships available to those in grades K-12 who desire to attend a Christian school.  While all qualifying students may apply, we give preference to those students residing within the boundaries of a low-performing school district.

School Support Services

GFEF, Inc. helps to improve existing Christian schools by lending support to under-funded programs.  We also bring innovative educational programming, such as S.T.E.A.M., to schools that want to improve student outcomes.

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