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Supporting Students

Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. supports students by making scholarships available to students in grades K-12 who desire to attend a Christian school. Does your child meet the criteria?

The Application Process

Applying for a scholarship is a simple process.  If your child meets the criteria, the next step is to fill out the easy online form below.  The online form is the quickest way to submit your application to us for the most efficient processing.  If you choose to fill out an online application, you can easily do this from our website.  We do still need the signature page to be printed out, signed and sent back to us.  You can do this easily via fax once all your signatures are on the form.

You also have the option to print the form, fill it out by hand and send it in if you choose.

Terms and Conditions of Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Availability: To all students in grades K-12 who desire to attend a Christian school and whose family has shown a commitment to Christian education.

Selection: Selected by the Board of Trustees of Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc.


    1. Must be a Christian
    1. Must be a U.S. Citizen
    1. Must be applying to a Christian school
    1. Grades
    1. Community Service and/or Church Service of child/parent(s)
  1. Written essay from both parent(s) and child

Renewal Criteria:

    1. Maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average per academic year
  1. Complete the academic school year in good standing (administrator’s letter of recommendation).

How the award is applied:

The scholarship may be paid to your child’s school in one (1) or two (2) installments. After the Board’s determination, GFEF, Inc. will send a check payable to your child’s school for half the amount of the scholarship on or before September 1, of the upcoming school year. This will go toward the cost of tuition for the first half of the year (August through December), hereinafter referred to as First Semester. The second installment will be paid to your child’s school on or before December 31, of the upcoming school year. This will go toward the cost of tuition for the second half of the school year (January through June), hereinafter referred to as Second Semester. Or, the Board may decide to make both installments on or before September 1, of the upcoming school year, at their discretion.

Withdrawal Policy:

If a student withdraws on or after the first day of classes begin in a semester, the student forfeits that semester of scholarship eligibility. The school shall return the scholarship to GFEF, Inc. at a prorated monthly rate. That is, the total amount of the scholarship divided by the number of months in the semester, less the number of months already attended in that semester.

Advantages to Applying

Applying for a scholarship will give your child a chance to attend a high-quality Christian school, one that might not otherwise have been possible.

We strive to make the application process as easy as possible.  You have the option of filling out our simple online form or printing the application, completing it and mailing it to us.

Working through the application process may take a little time on your part, but the advantages of a better education for your child are priceless.

Imagine the impact a quality Christian education can have on your child’s future.  What new roads will be traveled and new doors opened?  Apply today.

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