Go Forward Education - Donate

Your donation to the Go Forward Education Foundation will great help our cause and mission.  Donations will go to support students and schools in a couple of ways.


Your Support Will Help

  1. Fund scholarships to students in grades K-12 and beyond who desire to attend a Christian school.
  2. Help establish new Christian schools nationally and internationally, while lending support to existing schools
  3. Help to improve both public and private education worldwide


Advantages to Donation

Your donation, no matter the size, will fund the great cause and mission of this foundation.  Donations go towards student scholarships.  These scholarships make it possible for students to receive a quality christian education they may otherwise never have the opportunity for.

These educational opportunities will help to change the lives of the children we serve in grades k – 12.


Donations also go towards our extensive support services to existing christian schools by supporting under-funded programs within those schools.  We also strive to help establish new christian schools both nationally and internationally.


Your donation will help make a big difference in the lives of the children and schools we serve.  We ask that you join us in our mission to support and provide quality christian education opportunities to children who otherwise would not be able to receive a quality education!



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